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Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff is here to make sure that we operate our agency in a safe and legally compliant manner, while ensuring that our security officers and investigators provide our clients with the highest level of service. As a client of Phoenix Security Solutions, you will always have access to directly contact our administrative staff..and we mean all the way to the top - if the need arises. We have worked very hard to establish a professional security and investigative agency with high client ratings and retention and we intend to keep it that way. If you ever have a problem or concern, resolution is just a call away.

With over 150 employees in Myrtle Beach, Phoenix must maintain a solid, experienced and professional administrative staff to be certain that our security officers and investigators have the support they need. This, in turn, ensures our clients that they should receive the same professionalism, quality and integrity in both their investigators and security officers.

Our company also makes sure that the officers and investigators have the necessary equipment and other resources to successfully fufill their assignments. Our security officers operate with a digital radio system very similar to those utilized by major police agencies. Unlike most other Myrtle Beach security agencies, Phoenix has an in-house, 24 hour dispatch center which allows officers to contact emergency services without the need of dialing a cellphone. At times our dispatchers also communicate with our private investigators in the field, which allows the investigator to obtain critical information immediately without having to divert their attention away from the situation at hand.

In addition to these factors, Phoenix Security Solutions also makes sure that we and our clients are covered by an insurance policy which exceeds industry standard. All operational vehicles are also company owned and insured by this policy beyond the worker's compensation and general liability protection.

So, whether you are a security client or investigative client you can expect to be protected and supported as well as receive the highest level of security and investigative services in the Myrtle Beach area.

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