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Dispatch Staff - Phoenix Security Solutions

Phoenix has an in-house, 24 hour dispatch center which allows security officers to contact emergency services without the need of dialing a cellphone. In an emergency situation, sometimes seconds matter. At times our dispatchers also communicate with our private investigators in the field, which allows the investigator to obtain critical information immediately without having to divert their attention away from the situation at hand.

Phoenix Security Solutions utilizes a state-of-the-art digital radio system, very similar to those used by all major police agencies. We are pretty proud of our dispatch center and dispatchers. Some are cross-qualified as security officers to be capable of filling in for others when necessary, but most are strictly dispatchers.

Dispatching is often times a very tough position, having to handle radio communications, in-bound phone calls and contacting emergency services or security supervisors when needed. All the while they are recording the in-bound information from security officers, supervisors, investigators, home owners and clients in our dispatch computer database. This allows us to recall information from any call or incident and filter "all calls" for specific information such as callers, addresses or call types. Dispatchers also work in conjunction with the security supervisors when an assigned security officer has an emergency or must call out due to illness. Both work together to quickly fill the unexpected shift opening. If we had a staff of 15, it might not be too difficult, but with over 150 employees, dispatchers definitely have a challenging job.