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Private Investigator - Myrtle Beach

The following section is a comprehensive listing of our available investigator services. If you have any further questions please contact our investigative division representative at 843-839-2223 and dial extension 102.

Private investigators have gone by many names over the course of time: PI, P.I., spy, gumshoe, sleuth, detective, private detective. No matter what name you choose, they all perform essentially the same function for investigative clients. We don't mind what title you call our investigators by, as long as you call us!

South Carolina Law requires that an investigator provide their clients with a "Investigator Services Agreement" or contract to protect clients from unethical or disreputable investigators. The contracts explain what your investigator will and will not do in the furtherance of your case, what the goal of the case is, and what we are charging for our efforts on your behalf. We MUST have service agreement on file BEFORE an investigator begins on your case - by Law. We also work on your case in much the way that attorneys do, in that we require a retainer to fund your case. When we receive a retainer, we use it as a credit balance and charge work to that balance.

You may review and/or complete our investigator agreement form at the bottom of this page.


Phoenix can assist you in any domestic investigation requiring the collection of evidence for use in Family Court proceedings such as Divorce, Child Custody and other personal matters. We specialize in physical and electronic surveillance, utilizing cutting-edge technical equipment to gather your evidence while, many times, saving you time and money. We also understand that these type of situations are often emotionally charged and very difficult psychologically. Our investigators will handle your investigation with total confidentiality as well as the respect you deserve. (more details)


Phoenix investigators are fully capable of assisting you in your criminal defense investigations through case file review, evidence review, location of witnesses and collection of statements and other evidence on your behalf. Our investigators are primarily former law enforcement, having experience in all types of police investigations, crime scene / forensics, narcotics cases, interview techniques and law enforcement practices and policies. We also offer support for your attorney such as photo enlargements, displays, measurements and photo / video documentation. (more details)


Phoenix can assist in a variety of insurance based matters from the very involved to simply handling leg-work such as a physical follow-up with a claimant.

Workers compensation cases, personal injury, subrogation matters, witness location and interviews are all part of what we can offer the insurance industry at very competitive rates. All information gathered is available on-line and all case updates are automatically emailed to SIU Case Managers for review, including photo and video evidence. (more details)


Phoenix investigators have been very successful in discovering internal and external sources of business losses through a variety of means. Should you experience a probable internal loss, we can interview employees, collect evidence and check backgrounds in order to determine the source.

We are often times able to "close holes" through examination of operational procedures which unknowingly "allow" employees to steal.

Over the past years, Phoenix has been responsible for the recovery over well over $2,000,000.00 in internal business losses. (more details)


This service may sound odd, but can be essential in determining many things about how your business and customers are being handled when you are not personally there.

Are employees wearing proper uniforms and dealing with customers according to your wishes? Are up-selling products per your directions? Are employees ringing up all sales or are they "helping out friends" or pocketing un-rung sales transactions? A Phoenix investigator was involved in a simple $40 mystery shop, which resulted in the discovery of over $80,000 in pocketed sales over a period of two years.

All aspects of your protocols can be checked by our investigator while are posing as a typical customer. These interactions are often recorded with a variety of body worn cameras for your review. (more details)


Phoenix can collect a variety of information for you to include:

Criminal History: Federal, State, County and Local criminal backgrounds can be pulled to assist you in decision making.

Past Employment / Education: We can verify this information for you. A very large percentage of job applicants "fluff" their resumes. We can get you the facts.

Asset Discovery: Hidden assets (bank accounts, real property and real estate) can be located for court proceedings and due diligence.

General Information: relatives, neighbors, phone numbers, past and present addresses, judgments, liens and professional licensing.

See our other background information. (more details)