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About: Professional Security Officers & Private Investigators - Myrtle Beach

Our Security Officers and Investigators

Phoenix Security Solutions is a full service, Myrtle Beach based security and investigative agency and was established by former local law enforcement officers. The entire purpose of Phoenix is to provide the private sector with a professional option for both security officers and private investigators. We have succeeded in this goal and strive every day to maintain this standard.

Now security officers and private investigators are called by a variety of different terms, but we like to stick to these two, as our personnel work hard to maintain a level of professionalism that warrant what we consider the more professional titles. Here are some of the various terms you may hear though:

  • Security Guard: A security guard is someone (in our opinion) who stands or sits and watches a specific item, person or place and keeps that object from being damaged, stolen or otherwise handled in a negative way. It seems that, in most cases, security guards would take very little training or other interpersonal skills in order to complete the task. If something happens you stop it. If nothing happens, you just sit or stand there until your shift is over and the use of higher-level thinking goes untapped. Other terms people use are: "rent-a-cop" which is always considered a derogatory slang; "Lease-the-Police" which is also a derogatory slang, but hey, at least qualified for the leasing option. There are probably a slew of other terms used, particularly by angry people, but we will leave it right here.

  • Security Officer: Security Officers are what we employ at Phoenix. As opposed to a security guard, a security officer continuously interacts with guests, residents, visitors and the general public throughout their shift, and must operate on a level which keeps these interactions as positive as possible, even in very negative situations. A security officer must think on a much higher level than a security guard and be capable of adapt to ever changing conditions. Security officers are often in environments where they may encounter everything from someone asking a simple question to domestic disputes and even assaults and armed robberies. If they are not (1) the right type of person for the job, AND (2) properly trained to handle this wide variety, the outcome can be catastrophic. Phoenix not only hires officers capable of handling these situations, we give them the respect of the proper title as well.

  • Private Investigator: Being a Private Investigator can be a very tough job and requires a particular type of person with certain skill-sets. Not everyone can buy the $35.00 internet, "How to Become a Private Investigator" program and expect to have any level of success. Private Investigators must be very intelligent, think ahead of the "target", remain very patient AND attentive for long periods of time, and be stealthy. The best private investigator can go from being totally camoflauged, taking perfect video from 100 yards away to sitting right beside you, blending in with the environment and never being noticed. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to teach this a random person. In addition to the brief list of skills above, even the best private investigator is essentially worthless if they are not capable of writing a very detailed, factual, investigative report to describe their activities and findings. Some other terms you may hear for private investigators may include: private detective; spy; PI (or P.I.); Gumshoe; Sleuth; Private Eye; Tracker and Skip Tracer. None of these are really considered to be derogatory, but we feel that the title Private Investigator is just most appropriate.

The staff of Phoenix Security Solutions maintains close contact with both security and private investigative clients to ensure that they are pleased with our services and to inquire if there is any way to make the Phoenix experience even better for them.

The Phoenix management team is uniquely qualified to support your requirements and needs. All management members are former law enforcement from Military, County and Municipal agencies and have been thoroughly trained in all service areas that we offer and the management of security officers and private investigators executing your services. Our primary area of operation is the Grand Strand, which includes: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Conway, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrell's Inlet and Georgetown. However, our officers and private investigators can work in any location in the State of South Carolina.

You will not find a more "client satisfaction" minded security and private investigative agency in the Myrtle Beach area - large or small. Of course anyone can say this, but we will prove it.


Our Mission

Phoenix's Mission is to lead the industry in security and private investigative services, maintain our high level of client and employee retention and to continue to provide a level of services and quality products superior to other companies.

We will strive to make sure that your choice is clear - Phoenix Security Solutions whenever you need professional security officers or private investigators.