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Patrol Supervisors - Phoenix Security Solutions

Phoenix Security Solutions Patrol Supervisors are seasoned, professional security officers who have risen to the challenge of guiding others in performing superior service and the desire to lead others. In addition to these qualities, each security patrol supervisor must maintain an excellent personal driving record, as any infractions on or off-duty impact our company insurance.

Security Patrol Supervisors are tasked with many responsibilities, including but not limited to: assisting subordinate security officers with questions or required back-up in situations; making sure that all security officers decisions are being made within the confines of the law, our policies and safety protocols; complete patrols stops at after-hours clients checking their offices, closing pools etc.; assisting in filling unexpected shift vacancies; and producing reports for security clients and company management. Certainly no easy job!

To give you an example of the experience and superior judgement your security supervisors exhibit: A few years ago our senior security patrol supervisor, Captain Phil Lawrence, was working inside an establishment in Little River, SC as a uniformed, armed security officer. The business was full of patrons and there were also a few outside in the parking lot. Out of the blue, an armed robber burst in through the front door waving a gun announcing an armed robbery. Captain Lawrence reacted instantly, drawing his weapon and ordering the robber to drop his weapon. At that same moment, a second armed robber came through the door behind the first robber. When the first robber realized that Captain Lawrence "had the drop" on him, he dropped his gun and tried to quickly back up through the door, tripping over his partner. Both fell down and ran away, being subsequently arrested by police.

Even though Security Supervisor Captain Lawrence was well within the law to shoot both robbers when he engaged them, he quickly analyzed the situation and surroundings and determined that NOT shooting was the best decision. He realized that had he fired, they could have fired out of reaction alone and any of those rounds could have struck a bystander. He made an excellent decision, as his instant action and authoritative order was enough to cause the robbers to run away. Had they chosen to do otherwise, Captain Lawrence's decision would have been made for him...having no other choice. Having been a police officer myself, the actions and decisions by Phil on that evening were of the highest level.