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Background Checks - Information - Research

Myrtle Beach Background Check InformationIt is really unbelievable how much information is available on people and businesses through professional databases and social media research. Everyone has probably seen the "find out anything on anyone for $19.95" websites. Although these sometimes offer relatively "fresh" information, they often times supply information that is months old and sometimes many years old with varying degrees of accuracy. The problem with these sort of background checks is that you never know what parts are accurate and what parts are totally inaccurate or very old information.

When Phoenix background investigators obtain information on your behalf, that information is obtained from professional, restricted databases or actually hand-pulled from courthouses and other record repositories. This ensures that the information obtained is as accurate, relevant and "fresh" as available in the private sector. Our background investigators are also very adept at culling information from all of the various social media sites for case intelligence or simply as an information service.

Some of the Background Information we offer:

COMPREHENSIVE INDIVIDUAL REPORT: this gives you essentially EVERYTHING: addresses, associated phone numbers; relatives; neighbors; vehicle ownership; real property ownership; professional licensing and more.

PHONE TRACE REPORT: have a phone number? We can get you the owner's name. Have a name? We can get you the phone numbers.

INDIVIDUAL LOCATE: need to locate someone? We can find them. The more information you supply, the better, but we can locate people with very limited information.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION REPORT: running a tag or VIN can be accomplished very quickly.

ASSET/PROPERTY REPORT: real estate, vehicles, boats airplanes and other assets can be located on individuals and businesses.

These are few of the background information reports we offer. If you need assistance with one of these reports or need something else researched call our office at 843-839-2223 and ask for the investigative division or extension 102.