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Loss Prevention Investigators in Myrtle Beach, SC


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Loss Prevention Investigations - Business Internal Theft

Almost every single business suffers unnecessary losses from employee behaviors, whether that is theft, poor service or failure to follow protective policies. This is very important in the Myrtle Beach area, as we depend on return business. Phoenix loss prevention investigators can help vastly reduce those losses and in many cases, help you recover what you already lost.

Our Loss Prevention Investigators have been working in the Myrtle Beach area hospitality industry for years, making them uniquely qualified to help you in this field. Phoenix Loss Prevention Investigators are available to you whenever you suspect a problem with a particular employee or outlet area. We can then help determine whether the best course of action would be to interview employees about the issues or to covertly test and observe the outlet employees.

One of the services offered by our Myrtle Beach Loss Prevention Investigators is an "a la carte" secret shopper report. Many businesses are multifaceted and may not need an entire operation overview, and this is where the a la carte option is useful. You may pick and choose the areas of your operation you would like reviewed...and that is all you pay for. Should you desire the overall report, of course, that is available also. The Phoenix Secret Shopper report encompasses all aspects of a patron's experience with your business and is extremely detailed..to include employee nametags and whether or not an upsell attempt was made.

In addition to the shopper report, our Loss Prevention Investigators will simultaneously conduct integrity tests concerning the cash transactions, if you wish.

We service all areas of the Grand Strand, to include: Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Garden City, Murrell's Inlet, Pawley's Island, Litchfield and Conway. Give our Loss Prevention Investigators a call if you feel we could assist you in saving some of your hard earned money.