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Dedicated Community Security Patrol - Myrtle Beach

A Dedicated Community Security Patrol is having a uniformed security officer in a highly visible, marked security vehicle on neighborhood patrol for a predetermined number of shift hours each night. Having this level of security exposure really helps to keep the "bad guys" away as it has been documented through interviewing criminals that they really don't like seeing this. Criminals will always take the easiest route to their end goal, so if they see that your neighborhood or community has a security patrol, they will more than likely go elsewhere. Obviously, they would rather conduct their criminal activities with fewer risks than more, and committing crimes where there is a security presence provides more risk to them. They have to concern themselves with the possibility of security catching them "in the act", as well as worrying that security may see them coming or going from the neighborhood and being able to identify them or their vehicle. The less layers of protection the better for the criminal element.

In addition to warding off hard core criminals, our dedicated security patrol is beneficial in other areas. Due to our use of "Community Policing" policies, our officers pick up on much more information than a run of the mill security officer. Community Policing is a program adopted by most police agencies throughout the Country many years ago and has proven to be extremely effective. It requires that the officer maintain continual, close and personal contact with residents, as this relationship helps the officer understand issues within the community and how to effectively deal with them. By using these practices our security officers have often been able to stop a problem from happening before it even becomes a problem. This is because in speaking with the neighborhood kids on a regular basis, they will often times let the security officer know about upcoming, mischievous plans of others, thereby allowing the patrol officer to take steps to thwart the plan. This "neighborhood talk" has also led to much more serious issues and resulted in: busting large drug operations; identifying burglary rings; and helping people out of elder and child abuse situations. Officers are also call responsive to all homeowners and are usually first responders to emergency matters, both criminal and medical. In addition to this, your patrolman can be summoned to home alarm activations with response times of a few seconds to only a few minutes. When bad things are happening - time matters!

Along with dealing with sometimes very serious matters, your security patrol officer routinely assists: in opening & closing amenity centers; alarm response; and documenting HOA violations for further action by the HOA Board or Property Manager. Sometimes our report of violations results in fines being assessed, but we do not control fines in any manner, infact we are usually unaware of the results. Our understanding of the process is that it is usually repeat offenders who wind up with fines and that is generally less than 5% of the community. When these individuals receive enough fines, they generally move out or straighten up, either way helping the community. We have had clients report that fines assessed to the irresponsible homeowners and renters have actually offset the cost of our services by up to 120% - further benefiting the 95% of good homeowners who do not repeatedly commit HOA violations.

Some may think that having a dedicated security patrol in their community would be too costly. In some cases that may be true, but in larger community or in smaller ones that are in close proximity to another smaller neighborhood (our shared progam) it doesn't cost as much as you would think. In most cases our dedicated security patrol clients see a monthly cost per homeowner of $6-$8 per MONTH, or less than .25 per DAY.

We are currently able to offer dedicated community security patrols in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Conway, Loris, Aynor, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrell's Inlet, Pawley's Island and Litchfield

If you have any further questions please contact the Phoenix Security Solutions Security Division at 843-839-2223.