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So...what exactly IS a Private Investigator - P.I.?

You've probably heard something about private investigators, but you may be unsure of what they actually do. Private investigators are also commonly referred to as a: PI, P.I., Private Detective, Gumshoe, Sleuth, Private Eye, Spy or just plain old Investigator. Some people on the losing end of our investigations use "other terms" for us, but we won't get into that.

A common definition of a Private Investigator is:

a person, not a member of a police force, who is licensed to do detective work (as investigation of suspected wrongdoing or searching for missing persons)

Although that definition does capture the basics, PI's (or private investigators) do quite a bit more than this. A successful PI must be skilled in a variety of areas such as the use of video and photographic equipment, covert operations, technical PI equipment, time management, investigative report writing, verbal skills, interpersonal interactions, advanced driving, camouflage, advanced computer skills and patience. This is a "short list" but a PI lacking even ONE of these important skills will probably be an ineffective private investigator. An ineffective P.I. wastes money and loses cases, neither of which is good for a client.

Some states do not require licensing of private investigators or private detectives. This IS NOT the case in South Carolina! Private Investigators are required to be licensed by the State Police (SLED) and they regulate the operations of all PI's in this State. One required item is an investigator agreement form, which specifies: (1) what YOU need your PI to do for you in your case; (2) what your PI is going to do for you; AND (3) how much they are going to charge for their investigative services. This private investigator agreement was implemented to get rid of the "fly-by-night" PI's, who would routinely take money from a client and essentially do nothing. Any private investigator suggesting they do work for you without such an agreement is operating outside of regulatory laws and should be avoided.

All of the Phoenix Security Solutions Myrtle Beach area private investigators are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and ours. None of our P.I.'s should EVER provide services for you without the aforementioned investigator agreement. If this were to happen, call our office immediately, as something isn't right. The person MAY not even be employed by us as an investigator.

Regardless of what you call us: private investigator; PI; private detective; P.I. or just investigator...when you have an important matter and need the facts...please call us.